by Studio Braun

1982. We are in the middle of the shooting of the action thriller »Coolhaze«. The despotic, yet successful director Blasius "Buggy" Parmalat envisions a movie between cinema blockbuster and sophisticated avant-garde film. Charles Bronson is in the title role, Brandenburg becomes New York, and the horses turn into two motorcycles which Coolhaze wants to bring to New Jersey. When the corrupt policeman Coby Burner, Coolhaze's high school rival, confiscates the bikes, the righteous used car dealer fights back so determinedly that the private dispute turns into a merciless feud on the streets of New York. Just like the plot, so does the film shooting get out of hand. Parmalat directs so ruthlessly that it doesn’t take long for the atmosphere to be completely poisoned. When he starts to humiliate the entire team, things get worse. Who is going to lose it first? Will there be a showdown between Bronson and his director?
Studio Braun interweaves Charles Bronson's vigilante thriller »A Man Sees Red« with Heinrich von Kleist's revenge epic »Michael Kohlhaas«. At the heart of the play are a jazz big band who whip the action through the evening in the style of big action-movie soundtracks.

With: Rica Blunck, Ute Hannig, Jonas Hien, Charly Hübner, Josefine Israel, Jacques Palminger, Jens Rachut, Rocko Schamoni, Holger Stockhaus, Heinz Strunk, Samuel Weiss Orchestra: Hanno Stick, Claas Ueberschär, Sönke Rust, Elen Harantyuanan, Ruth May, Lisa Lammel, Niklas Hardt, Martin Hornung, Lieven Brunckhorst, Natascha Protze, Michael Leuschner, Sebastian Hoffmann, Philipp Kacza, Ali Busse, Taco von Hettinga Extra: Dennis Feuerhacke, Frederik Börner, , Sophie Riva, Bettina Woitt, Jarryd Haynes, Ursula Merkel, Maximilian Posny, Catherine Claussen

Directed by: Studio Braun Stage Design: Stéphane Laimé Costume Design: Dorle Bahlburg Lightning Design: Rebekka Dahnke Music: Sebastian Hoffmann, Studio Braun Musical direction: Sebastian Hoffmann Video: Jan Speckenbach Animation: Luis August Krawen Choreography: Rica Blunck Live-Camera: Philip Jestädt Boom operator: Michal Szpula Scriptgirl Nadine: Victoria Voigt Dramaturgy: Bastian Lomsché