Rose Bernd

by Gerhart Hauptmann

Premieres 01/10/2017


Rose Bernd thinks that she is able to fix the consequences of the one mistake she has made in her young life all by herself. That is why she agrees to marry the unattractive but wealthy August Keil, her rigorously religious father’s ideal candidate, and to end her secret love affair with the already-married Flamm. Nobody knows she is pregnant. But then by chance Streckmann, a philandering rogue, catches the two lovers at their final tryst. Rose still believes that she is able to save the situation and lets herself be physically blackmailed by brutal Streckmann in return for his silence. Eventually, however, she is broken by the merciless harshness of this male-dominated and morally corrosive world, under the surface of which everyone acts solely from selfish animalistic drives. Close to madness, Rose Bernd sees no other way out than to kill her new-born child.

Gerhart Hauptmann’s 1903 masterpiece resembles a crime noir. The dialect-inflected dramatic language creates a dense and gloomy atmosphere which gradually reveals the disastrous events that Rose Bernd has to suffer in all their tragic force. Rose Bernd is caught in a society where pure greed and self-centered narrow-mindedness create a crushing climate of violence and inhumanity. Her lonely struggle is deeply touching.

A co-production with the Salzburger Festspiele

With: Lina Beckmann, Gregor Bloéb, Markus John, Martin Pawlowsky, Michael Prelle, Maik Solbach, Julia Wieninger and: Lara Eck, Elise Rödenbeck, Lilian Eyles, Emilia Bourmudis-Anastasiadou, Gloria Neubauer, Wanja Bella Schäfer, Emma Torner, Leonie Schuckmann und: Alicitas Schaerig, Mina Gökduman auch: Matilda Meny Choir: Jarryd Alexander Haynes, Nader Ben-Abdallah, Maximilian Posny, Fernando A. Ost , Don Schmidt, Jan Kaiser, Jannis Achermann, Oskar Bürk, Yannek Niehoff, Johan Richter, David Alonso, Matthias Quax, Marlon Hangmann, James Bleyer, Mohammad Sabra, Dennis Feuerhacke, Maik Mensching, Ingmar Grapenbrade Choral Conducting: Christine Groß

Directed by: Karin Henkel Set Design: Volker Hintermeier Costume Design: Adriana Braga Peretzki Music: Arvild J. Baud Lightning Design: Hartmut Litzinger Sound Design: Christoph Naumann, Roman Schneider Video: Marcel Didolff, Alexander Grasseck Dramaturgy: Sybille Meier